Changing Locks

Re-fitting deadlocks’ is a simple task. Simply pop into your local friendly hardware store (Bunnings if you are in Australia) and you’ll find deadlocks for a price equivalent to about two cups of coffee. It beats the price of a locksmith by miles.

In many cases you won’t even have to remove the bolt, simply replace both sides (the keyhole portions)… and that’s it.

NOTE: For other locks, the metal chunky piece that holds the two screws in place may have a slightly different width. It’s a great idea to take a photo of your barrel section with you. The second photo here is of a lock that had a handle on the inside, and a lock on the outside. This was purchased for about the price of four cups of coffee and it came with a narrower barrel section that fits our other lock, and the other lock of our has a completely different back (and a much dearer replacement price 🙂 )

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