Creating a welcoming Entryway UNDER CONSTUCTION

The entryway is the first thing you or your visitors see when they arrive at your place, and the last, so does it welcome you or terrify you?  A bit of decluttering and sorting may be needed, and then the fun starts.  As the hallway isn’t a place to linger, you can be as dramatic as you dare with decorating. An interesting mirror,  beautiful family photos or piece of art and a small side table is enough for a small entryway. On the hall table, place large lamps, urns of flowers, or gorgeous candelabras. (But not a giant telescope. It can look too much like a cannon and scare people. Not welcoming) If more storage is needed, a bench seat with colourful cushions and wicker storage baskets underneath or drawers will be pretty and practical or a stylish bookcase holding books and treasures. Some funky hooks can temporarily be attached to the wall by those clever commando strips. Welcome home sweet home.


Changing Locks

Re-fitting deadlocks’ is a simple task. Simply pop into your local friendly hardware store (Bunnings if you are in Australia) and you’ll find deadlocks for a price equivalent to about two cups of coffee. It beats the price of a locksmith by miles.

In many cases you won’t even have to remove the bolt, simply replace both sides (the keyhole portions)… and that’s it.

NOTE: For other locks, the metal chunky piece that holds the two screws in place may have a slightly different width. It’s a great idea to take a photo of your barrel section with you. The second photo here is of a lock that had a handle on the inside, and a lock on the outside. This was purchased for about the price of four cups of coffee and it came with a narrower barrel section that fits our other lock, and the other lock of our has a completely different back (and a much dearer replacement price 🙂 )

Butchers Blocks For Storage & Looks

Sometimes a renters kitchen may have some undesirable features, like less than exciting looks, and negligible storage.

A way to combat both of these negatives at once is to acquire a butcher’s Block. They look fabulous (crucial), they’re easy to move and they have tons of options for storage. Often with open shelving and some have cute drawers or closed cupboards. They’re really practical and they have many styles and uses; bar trolleys, extra bench space, or even bench space in the garage.

Another similar solution may be to take the garage to the kitchen and infuse your home with a more industrial style by grabbing a workbench from a hardware shop.


Sometimes floors can be less than perfect in a rental. Scratches on wood, ugly carpet, and in winter cold tile. Perfect camouflage a spectacular huge dramatic. I think my favourite ever birthday present is my incredibly lush zebra striped rug. Pretty sure people notice that first thing, and I’m happy about that.

Rugs are pretty good at hiding stains, and even preventing you putting some stains on them. They often come pre-treated. Stains on the carpet are not a good idea if you want all your bond back. Cocoa and steam cleaning still not the complete answer.

Most importantly rugs tie the whole room together design-wise and anchor the furniture.

Mirrors – The Grand Illusionists

Mirrors-are the grand illusionists. They instantly make your place have more depth, glamour and intrigue. You go drama queen! They reflect light banishing that gloomy room.  -Best to make sure they’re  reflecting  a good view and not directly opposite the toilet. Or property agent is a little creeped out because I put a mirror on our kitchen bench top- she thinks I’m vain- but it really reflects our beautiful views of the water and gum trees. ( Why have my back to that?) Yo can have fun with the frames- maybe an intricately detailed shabby chic with a modern lounge. h bigger the better- well, maybe as much as a few command hooks can carry- athough f they’re really huge, they’re great resting on the floor. 

Carpet Stains

Coming Soon

Get Rid Of A Small Hole In The Wall

(Warning: This is not an ideal solution when you consider that a tub of filler is often less than $10  🙂  )

Use Toothpaste to Fill Holes. Toothpaste is a great alternative to filler if you have a hole in your wall smaller than 6mm. Squeeze the paste into the hole and wipe off the excess with a putty knife or playing card.

NOTE: You can even paint over toothpaste when it’s dry.


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