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Bedroom Storage

The bed is supposed to be the feature of this room, so what options are available? Storage beds look so cool now, think I need a new one.The draws built into the bed base look classy, even better, is when the whole mattress lifts up and there’ heaps of room for seasonal stuff; you can’t even […]


Mirrors are the grand illusionists. They instantly give your home depth, glamour, and intrigue. You go drama queen! They reflect light, banishing that gloomy room.  Best to make sure they’re reflecting a good view. (not directly opposite the toilet) Our property agent is a little creeped out because I put a mirror on our kitchen […]

Cushions and Throws

Cushions are a really fun and inexpensive way to start the design scheme of your home. So be brave! Be bold! If you change your mind (not, oops that doesn’t work well together), it doesn’t matter, they’re easy to replace. You can even tie a favourite scarf or two around a cushion for an instant […]