Bedroom Storage

The bed is supposed to be the feature of this room, so what options are available? Storage beds look so cool now, think I need a new one.The draws built into the bed base look classy, even better, is when the whole mattress lifts up and there’ heaps of room for seasonal stuff; you can’t even tell it’s there. The only thing to keep in mind, according to my husband (chief furniture mover) is the heaviness factor. Something to consider if you move fairly often. Headboards can be extra wide, and some even have tiny shelves down the side. Very handy.A pair of bookshelves behind the bedhead is actually a very clever idea. First, you have great access to essentials like books and magazines. Second, all those shelves hidden by the bed are perfect for storing very important but ugly stuff your spouse refuses to part with. Under the bed plastic boxes with wheels are very handy and cheap. Or upscale with wood (cedar smells beautiful and keeps moths away), pretty handles and labels. Blanket boxes are also great for seating, as well as the obvious storage and great looks.

Many homes don’t have adequate built-in wardrobes, which can now work in our favour as there are a plethora of options. Even the minimal metal shelving units can look quite stylish, and the fabric covered wardrobes can be individulized by a favourite piece of material.

Doors can actually be quite handy for storing shoes (in a long fabric shelf),

The less clutter you own, the easier it is to store it beautifully, and efficiently.

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