Creating a welcoming Entryway UNDER CONSTUCTION

The entryway is the first thing you or your visitors see when they arrive at your place, and the last, so does it welcome you or terrify you?  A bit of decluttering and sorting may be needed, and then the fun starts.  As the hallway isn’t a place to linger, you can be as dramatic as you dare with decorating. An interesting mirror,  beautiful family photos or piece of art and a small side table is enough for a small entryway. On the hall table, place large lamps, urns of flowers, or gorgeous candelabras. (But not a giant telescope. It can look too much like a cannon and scare people. Not welcoming) If more storage is needed, a bench seat with colourful cushions and wicker storage baskets underneath or drawers will be pretty and practical or a stylish bookcase holding books and treasures. Some funky hooks can temporarily be attached to the wall by those clever commando strips. Welcome home sweet home.


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