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Reduce Road Noise

Of course, the best way to minimise noise is to insulate your ceilings, add a layer of gyprock to the walls and double glaze the windows. These methods are also invasive to the structure and expensive. So here are some less expensive solutions.   1. Curtains Curtains can be excellent sound barriers. If you already have […]

Fix Vertical Blinds – Easy

Vertical blinds… Every rental I’ve been in has had broken blinds. How easy are they to fix? Fortunately, simple. When your verticals break, it’s commonly the tiny plastic vertical blind hangars, and you can get a bunch of them for a few dollars on eBay. If time is short and you can’t wait, try a […]

Changing Locks

Re-fitting deadlocks’ is a simple task. Simply pop into your local friendly hardware store (Bunnings if you are in Australia) and you’ll find deadlocks for a price equivalent to about two cups of coffee. It beats the price of a locksmith by miles. In many cases you won’t even have to remove the bolt, simply […]

Butchers Blocks For Storage & Looks

Sometimes a renters kitchen may have some undesirable features, like less than exciting looks, and negligible storage. A way to combat both of these negatives at once is to acquire a butcher’s Block. They look fabulous (crucial), they’re easy to move and they have tons of options for storage. Often with open shelving and some have cute […]


Sometimes floors can be less than perfect in a rental. Scratches on wood, ugly carpet, and in winter cold tile. Perfect camouflage a spectacular huge dramatic. I think my favourite ever birthday present is my incredibly lush zebra striped rug. Pretty sure people notice that first thing, and I’m happy about that. Rugs are pretty […]

Mirrors – The Grand Illusionists

Mirrors-are the grand illusionists. They instantly make your place have more depth, glamour and intrigue. You go drama queen! They reflect light banishing that gloomy room.  -Best to make sure they’re  reflecting  a good view and not directly opposite the toilet. Or property agent is a little creeped out because I put a mirror on […]